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Gaite Jansen on Supernova | Indie Outlook

"Gaite Jansen on 'Supernova'": The "Peaky Blinders" star chats with me at Indie Outlook about her wonderful 2014 film, currently available in the U.S. via Vimeo On Demand.


“[Indie Outlook:] ‘I loved your performance in ‘Supernova.’ How did you become involved in the film?’ [Jansen:] ‘I auditioned for the script when I was about 17. I had fallen in love with the script and with Tamar immediately. The film had some problems getting financed and it took another three years before we could actually make the movie. Tamar wanted a younger girl at that point, but we both had grown into the thought of me playing it, and so she decided to make the character a little bit older, which I think worked out better for the story. The script appealed to me because I know Meis. I know how she feels. I know the boredom and the willingness of something to happen as a teenager so well. I think it’s a beautiful coming of age story that is so close to reality. Whilst shooting it, I became Meis and Meis became part of me. She still is.’ [Indie Outlook:] ‘What was your collaboration with Tamar like in terms of developing the character of Meis? Was the comfort you developed with Tamar crucial in preparing you for the scenes requiring nudity?’ [Jansen:] ‘Tamar and I became really close. I understood what she wanted to make and she gave me the freedom of developing Meis in all the ways I wanted, even though—of course—it was her script. We talked about the nudity and how I dislike being nude on screen (duh). But she explained to me everything I wanted to know. I knew what she wanted to make and I completely stood, and still stand, behind this story. I think ‘Supernova’ is a great example of functional nudity.’”


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