Press 9.5.2016 | 15:14

Gaite Jansen | InStyle

Get to know Gaite Jansen who is about to burst on to UK scenes in the third series of Peaky Blinders. 


Gaite Jansen is kind of a big deal in Holland. But Rotterdam’s answer to Keira Knightley-meets-Rebecca Hall is unphased by the clutch of award nominations to her name  – ‘Well, they’re all Dutch, so you probably won’t know them’. She’s about to get a new wave of interest from UK audiences, starring in the latest series of BBC’s popular gang drama Peaky Blinders.


Peaky Blinders series three started on BBC Two, 5 May at 9pm. Series one and two are available on Netflix. 


Click on the link below the see the full shoot with photographer Jasper Abels.

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